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Oakland Spinmeister Charts New CourseSan Francisco Chronicle, August 12, 2005.

Tim Monroe is rolling to the finish line on his 25-year quest to navigate all 831 miles of Oakland streets, plus hundreds of miles in neighboring towns, on skates. […]

Man on Skating Mission Can See End of Road after 25 YearsContra Costa Times, August 12, 2005.

In just a few days, inline skater Tim Monroe will complete a staggering project 25 years in the making.  […] Like Forrest Gump on wheels, once Monroe finished the 831 miles of Oakland streets, he decided to keep on skating. He rapidly covered Piedmont’s 42 miles of streets and Emeryville’s 17 miles. Alameda’s 120 miles were a pleasant surprise for him, except for maze-like Bay Farm Island. […]

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Taking it to the Streets, the Hills and the Pit Bulls. The Inline Planet, September, 2005.

The annals of inline skating are brimming with fantastic accomplishments. There’s Eddy Matzger’s ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro; Chad Hedrick’s record time of 57 minutes and 18 seconds in the Northshore Inline Marathon; Sandy Snakenberg’s mark of 315 miles for the most miles covered in 24 hours; and Joe Rehana’s fresh record of 2900 miles for the longest inline skate. And then theres TRISTO, Tims Radical Inline Skate Tour of Oakland. […]

RockridgeThe Oakland Neighborhood Project by Stephen Texeira, August, 2014.

Tim Monroe has skated every street in Oakland. It was nearly 35 years ago that Tim first strapped on a pair of inline skates and took to the streets of Oakland. A former runner, he switched to skating on a lark when his knee began giving him problems. After exploring the streets of Oakland in a haphazard way, he began being more methodical about his skating and actually started marking the routes hed taken. By 2006 (after 25 years), Tim had inline skated every street in Oakland, all 831 miles of them. And for those of you who arent as impressed by that as you should be, hes also covered all of Alameda, Emeryville, and Piedmont, as well as Boston and Cambridge, Mass.

• Book

Famous Firsts: The Trendsetters, Groundbreakers & Risk-Takers Who Got America Moving! by Natalie Rompella. Lobster Press, 2007. Tristo is mentioned on page 48:

Did you know…that every street in Oakland, California, has been skated on? Tim Monroe was determined to in-line skate on every street in his hometown. While the fact that his journey added up to 815 miles is impressive alone, keep in mind that Oakland is anything but flat. Monroe trekked up and down hills and completed his mission in 2005.

• Documentary

Oakland Originals, one in a series of short documentaries that unearth the artists, thinkers and do-ers that make Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling city:

Unassuming software engineer Tim Monroe never planned on conquering mountains. Inline skating in his spare time, he started exploring beyond his own neighborhoods and wondered how far he could go. Could he skate all 837 miles of Oakland city streets—from the hills to the flats—with all the obstacles in between? And what would he discover about himself and his city along the way?

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