• Apple


Senior Software Engineer, Interactive Media Group

Design and develop new capabilities in AVFoundation and CoreMedia frameworks. Enhance and maintain QTKit, a Cocoa framework for creating QuickTime applications. Maintain QuickTime Broadcaster application and other utilities. Implement media handlers in QuickTime. Write and maintain sample code for QuickTime APIs. Deliver technical presentations. Serve as technical liaison to select external developers.

Awards and honors: NAB 2005, Award for Innovation in Media for QuickTime Broadcaster version 1.5.


Senior Technical Writer, Developer Technical Publications

Write technical documentation for interactive media products, including QuickDraw 3D and QuickTime VR. Write technical documentation for Macintosh Operating System and User Interface Toolbox.

Awards and honors: Apple 1992, Apple Developer Champion. STC Northern California Technical Writing Competition 1994, Distinction/Best in Category for Inside Macintosh: Files.


Contract Technical Writer, Developer Technical Publications

Write seed notes for WWDC 1989 (later republished in Inside Macintosh, Volume VI). Revise manual pages for A/UX products. Write formatting macros for A/UX man pages.

• Sun Microsystems


Contract Technical Writer

Update and expand existing documentation on using document formatting tools nroff and troff, as well as tbl and eqn.



Contract Technical Writer, ACIS Development Group

Write IBM Academic Operating System 4.3 System Administration Guide.

• UniSoft Systems


Graphic Designer and Senior Technical Writer

Design and produce diagrams and charts used in UniPlus+ documentation, corporate presentations, and marketing literature. Assist with editing existing documentation and writing new documentation. Supervise operation and maintenance of typesetting equipment and software. Serve as chief graphic designer for A/UX documentation suite, produced under contract to Apple Computer.

• Typographics


Graphic Designer

Found and operate Typographics, a UNIX-oriented graphic design company. Do contract design work for numerous UNIX-related companies. Design, produce, and market UNIX educational posters. Research and write articles for UNIX publications.

• University of California, Berkeley


Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Plan and deliver lectures in Elementary Logic (Summer Session) and Theory of Knowledge (UC Extension Fall Program for Freshmen).


Teaching Assistant/Associate, Department of Philosophy

Serve as teaching assistant or teaching associate for undergraduate Philosophy courses, including courses in Elementary Logic, Philosophical Writing, Theory of Knowledge, History of Philosophy, and Normative Ethics.

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