What is Tristo Boston?

In March 2011, I set out to inline skate the entire length of each and every street in the city of Boston. That’s about 850 miles of roadway, stretching from the city’s northernmost point near Orient Heights in East Boston to its southernmost point in Hyde Park. Every road. Every avenue. Every public alley. Every dead-end private way. All of it. On skates.

In May 2013, after roughly 200 sorties totaling over 2,000 miles of skating, I finished this project. Tristo Boston was completed on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Get information about that final skate here

Tristo Boston was both an athletic achievement and a tribute to the city of Boston. Its overarching goal was to develop a unique perspective on Boston, to discover how one neighborhood melts gradually into the next, and to see how all of them flow together to form the city of Boston. Check out this helmet-cam footage for a taste of the journey.

Click for map of Boston (high-resolution PDF format).

April 2020 Update: Tristo Brookline. During the COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place Directive, I will be attempting to inline skate the town of Brookline, MA.

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